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Featured Program: MonTECH Equipment Recycling Program

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The MonTECH Equipment Recycling Program (MERP) is a Reuse – Recycling program dedicated to improving the health and accessibility of each person’s home/work/play environments by facilitating the passing of durable medical equipment from those people who no longer need their equipment to those people most in need. The program works with the Pass It On Center at a national level to foster improvements in assistive technology (AT) reuse. 

The goal is to create and nurture a statewide network of small loan closets that will help Montanans access the equipment they need when they need it and close to their home.  Many of these loan closets exist already, but MERP is working to create a network to “get the word out” from the MonTECH website.

Although inventory varies over time, the most frequently recycled previously-used equipment has included:

  • Wheelchairs and some scooters
  • Bath chairs and commode seats/ toilet riser seats
  • Variety of older pediatric equipment such as gait trainers, Tumbleforms, etc.
  • Adult adjustable canes, crutches, front-wheeled walkers
  • Four wheeled walkers with seat and brakes (some with baskets)
  • Hospital beds (we are looking for permanent homes for beds)
  • Grab bars of various lengths (require professional installation on wall studs)
  • Ramps and lifts
  • Hoyer lifts for transfers
  • Electronic aids such as tablet devices, smartphones, speech devices, hearing augmentation, etc.
  • Gadgets to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) in the kitchen and bath
  • Keyboards and mice for computer use

To read more about MERP visit MonTECH's website:

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