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An Emerging Leader Update from Lissie

By Lauren Beyer, UM Rural Institute

lissie with display of productsFifteen years ago, Melissa, lovingly nicknamed Lissie, pushed bottles on an assembly line two or three days a week. Her life was often dictated by what others told her she could not do rather than what she thought she could learn. Today, Lissie is a successful and respected businesswoman. She is confident and proud to be a taxpaying member of society.

Lissie was interviewed in 2009 as part of the Emerging Leader series. I called six years later to find out what was new. The first thing she told me, laughing, is that she is no longer 33 years old. In addition, her recognition is growing, as well as her business responsibilities. Her life is full of activity, relationships, and activism. She is a busy woman who accomplishes whatever she is determined to pursue.

You can read more about Lissie on the Transition & Employment Projects email newsletter:

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