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Montana Programs make Impact

impact wellness coverThe newest Impact issue from the Institute on Community Integration & Research and Training Center on Community Living highlights the work people in Montana are doing to support wellness for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Connie Lewis, Rural Institute employee, and community partner Andrea Dahl, from Summit Independent Living Center in Missoula, are featured for their leadership and participation in 14 Weeks to a Healthier You, a fitness and nutrition program developed by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD). Supported by the Montana Disability and Health Program at the Rural Institute, the 14 Weeks program addresses the need for health promotion and wellness opportunities for people with disabilities in Montana.

The Institute for Community Inclusion’s announcement of the new issue states:
“Wellness is a rapidly growing area of focus for Americans. But for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, access to wellness activities and programs can be limited. How can we open up participation? Find out in the just-released free publication, Impact: Feature Issue on Supporting Wellness for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

This Impact issue presents ways in which disability services, community fitness and recreation programs, workplace wellness programs, faith communities, disability advocacy organizations, health care providers, and others can help ensure that opportunities to engage in wellness activities are as available to individuals with disabilities as to anyone else. It presents wellness as touching all areas of life – physical, social, vocational, spiritual, emotional, psychological – with choice-making and inclusion as keys.”

The Rural Institute, Montana Disability and Health Program and community partners are honored to be included the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD) and Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC), University of Minnesota, publication.  The issue is available online at and (HTML version). For a complimentary print copy of this Impact contact the Institute's Publications Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 612-624-4512.

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