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Jace Peterson – Wheels Across Montana

Jace bike Dad Justus Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the amazing program Wheels Across Montana made possible through a Dana & Christopher Reeve foundation High Impact grant!  Because of this program, Jace was able to actually ride a bike—all by himself—for the very first time.  The pure joy he felt was seen through his huge smile while pedaling this super cool bike.


Jace is ten years old and has a severe seizure disorder (Dravet Syndrome).  He has not been able to ride or pedal a bike by himself due to his lack of balance and motor skills.  The activity of riding bikes—a common activity for many kids—was something we thought he would never be able to do.  However, that all changed with the help of this grant, Wheels Across Montana, and The Y.  He has gone on many bike rides now with family and friends.  He cannot get enough of riding his new bike!  When people ask him how he likes his new bike, he responds by giving the thumbs up sign and saying, “It’s the BEST!”

A huge thank you goes out to The Y and Wheels Across Montana for bringing this bike opportunity to Dillon.  They gave our son an incredible gift…being able to ride a bike!

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