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Leadership Training with Families and Healthcare Providers

Bethany Rigles

Bethany Rigles is the Montana State Coordinator for the Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (URLEND) consortium. Since 2006 over 20 UM students and parents have participated as trainees in the URLEND consortium, which originates at the University of Utah Medical School in Salt Lake City, UT. URLEND aims to develop future leaders in the fields of disability and health, and to improve health and educational outcomes for children and youth with disabilities and their families.

Seminars on disability and health-related topics are provided in collaboration with universities in the Rocky Mountain region. URLEND trainees conduct research projects with interdisciplinary teams, and observe best practices at a variety of disability-specific clinics throughout the region. UM faculty, staff, and graduate students, and local professionals and parents of children with special health care needs are invited to participate.

Ms. Rigles is also working with a team of health care providers at Missoula’s Community Medical Center to create an interdisciplinary neurodevelopmental clinic, the first of its kind in Montana. She also co-directs the Mentoring, Organization and Social Support for Autism Inclusion on Campus (MOSSAIC) program, which provides peer mentoring services for UM college students with autism and related disorders. Ms. Rigles received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana, and her Masters in Sociology from Washington State University.

CONTACT: Bethany Rigles, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 406-243-2208

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