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Students Learn about Assistive Technology

When Shy Iverson had to prepare a presentation about blindness for his Exceptionalities and Classroom Management class this past semester, he asked Julie Doerner for help. Julie is the Clinical Coordinator at the UM Rural Institute MonTECH program. Shy learned about Braille keyboards, special scanners, and other equipment that help students who are blind or have low vision. Shy said, "The presentation went over very well. We were able to present a wide variety of Assistive Technology devices to the class that broadened everyone's understanding of how teachers can and should approach blindness in a classroom."

MonTECH provides services to Montanans with limited vision, hearing problems, or who need help getting around. MonTECH demonstrates adaptive devices, provides short term loans of assistive technology equipment, and offers information, training, and individual assistance. To learn more about MonTECH, please schedule an appointment by calling 243-5486. Julie is a certified speech-language pathologist who specializes in adapted communication. She especially enjoys demonstrating eye gaze systems, which enable people to use a computer using only their eyes.

CONTACT: MonTECH, or 406-243-5769

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