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First Then Visual Schedule

This app , a product from Good Karma Applications, is a tool to support interventions that use visual supports to communicate abstract concepts such as time and sequencing of events (e.g., this comes first, this comes next).   The app is completely customizable. Users can record their own voice, add their own images from their computer or other device, or  use images from the app’s photo library to create a schedule.  This app. was designed for the iTouch/iPhone but WILL work on the iPad providing you have the iOS 4.2 update.  Three screen formats arre available:

  • Full Screen– In this format a larger image appears on the screen.  User accesses next image on schedule by simply swiping screen to the left.
  • First-Then Screen– This format shows two images side by side with an arrow between images to guide the sequence of the activity.  This is often a visual that is given to portray conditional statements.  For example, ”First bathroom, then computer”.  This helps let the user know what is coming up next.  Split screen can be read left to right with captions underneath each image, or top to bottom of screen with schedule scrolling down to see next image in the schedule.
  • List Screen – This screen allows images to be listed in a list format where four images are placed on schedule.  This is great for a schedule for a child that is very familiar with a system of picture exchange or is not as easily distracted by upcoming activities.

The app also incorporates a checklist feature, which can be turned on or off.  When on, a checkmark can be added to a picture to indicate that a task has been completed.

Watch the video below to see these features.  Another demo of this app can be viewed  on the Apps for Children with Special Needs website.


Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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  1. mcgregor Nov 30th 2011

    A Rhodes made the following comment on QIAT in June, 2011:

    “I really like the app First Then Visual Schedule for the iPad to help teach many different skills.”

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