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Visual Cue

Visual Cue is an app designed to be helpful to visual thinkers and individuals who are nonverbal.  It comes in a lite and full version.  The more sophisticated features of the full version include  the ability to sync your data on multiple devices as many as you have, and the abilitiy to share your data with QR code or get other’s by scanning.

As described by the developer, the app includes the following visual tools:

1. Visual Cue: prompt using pictures.   Show the picture of a destination rather than repeatedly saying “We are going to go to the school.” The app also supports playing a recorded sound associated with the destinationl.

2. First ~ Then: simple cause and result.  This tool allows the user to know what’s will happen after they accomplish a given task.

3. Which One?  This tools allows a user to see a pictoral display of up to 4 available choices.

4. Count Up:   This tool supports a point-based token system with rewarding animation and sound.  You add a star by tapping, and specify a reward to occur when the predinfed number of stars has been reached.
5. Count Down: a time keeper for transition. The count down tool will remind a user how much time they have left until they need to stop something.

6. Visual Scheduler: a guide map for visual thinkers.  Using pictures, you can create a sequence that describes what is to occur over a given period of time.  The tool provides an easy way to add, remove,or  change the sequence in order to maximize flexibility.

7. Visual Timer: Progressive image with timer.  You can choose your favorite image as a timer background.  The app also supports an alarm.

Stock images are not provided.  The user builds their own library by taking photos and adding  images from other sources.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.


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