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Rural Institute - A Year In Review

July 2015 to June 2016

Rural Institute Annual Report 2015 16At a Glance

We experienced 7% growth in our programs and welcomed new staff to take on expanding projects. We nearly doubled the number of submitted proposals addressing topics such as housing, aging, community living, and self-employment. Strong partnerships with local, state, and national entities resulted in new contracts and collaborations.

The Rural Institute helps rural Americans with disabilities to be fully included in their communities.

Martin E. Blair, Ph.D., Executive Director and Catherine Ipsen, Ph.D., Associate Director

A Few Highlights

  • Launched a speech-language pathology training program in rural and American Indian communities.
  • Established the Montana Pre-Employment Transition Services Technical Assistance Center.
  • Investigated distance delivery methods for health promotion training.Delivered training to Head Start, Montana Milestones/Part C, and other early childhood providers about early screening for autism and developmental disabilities.
  • Conducted fall prevention research and training for older adults with disabilities.
  • Evaluated needs of Montana families of children with special health care needs.

Just the facts:

Students & leadership

40 student trainees (21 with 150+ hours)
5 trainees are currently in disability leadership roles (2010 cohort)
24 continuing education programs
60 training events for 7,000+ participants federal funds
$11 Every $1 of core federal funds leveraged an additional $11 for research, training and services


27 active projects and programs
40 active research activities


61 products developed such as
fact sheets

Technical assistance

600+ Hours of assistance

People served

1669 Specialized services and continuing education


47 Professional presentations