May 13, 2015 Webinar

May 13 Webinar Information:

  • Everyone Communicates! Session 4 Slides and Notes
  • Recorded  Webinar – Session 4

Additional Information – The SETT Process:

  • The SETT Framework – This webpage, created by Joy Zabala, contains many resources about the use of the SETT Process to guide AT decision-making.
  • SETT Forms – A variety of forms have been developed to support this process.
    • SETT Framework Templates – There are several files to download from this site to provide a format for note taking during a meeting in which this process is used.
    • AT Consideration Form
    • SETT Scaffolds:   The SETT Scaffolds are a series of forms that, like architectural scaffolds, are designed to be used when and where needed.  They are meant to be examples and can be adapted and changed to meet the needs of the people who are using them as long as credits to the original source are maintained.  All four of these forms can be found by going to this page.
      • SETT Scaffold for Consideration of AT Needs
      • SETT Scaffold for Data Gathering
      • SETT Scaffold for Tool Selection
      • SETT Scaffold for Implementation and Evaluation of Effectiveness Planning

Supplementary Presentations: