Bonnie Voss, Texas ECI Program
Brown-Heatly State Office Building
4900 North Lamar
Austin, TX 78751-2399
(512) 424-6754
Overview of Part C Services The Lead Agency is the Texas Interagency Council on early childhood early intervention.  They fund 65 local programs through a grant application process.  Almost all services are provided in natural environments in homes, daycare centers or other places where typically developing children are present.  They also have contracts with MHMR agencies, with education service centers, and with private providers.
Public Awareness and Child Find Activities
  • 1-800 number called the ECI Care Line.
  • Referral brochure, designed for professionals.
  • Developmental brochure with basic information for families and posters that go along with the developmental brochure.
  • Distribute bookmarks with their web address on it.
  • ECI directory that lists all programs in state and an ECI newsletter is available to families.
  • Video in English and Spanish for pediatricians based on what we learned from working with physicians the previous two years.
  • Family to family video tape that contains family stories, but doesn't talk about ECI as a whole.  They use the video tape during presentations or at exhibits.
  • Yearly mailing from the state office to about 60,000 health care professionals, daycare workers and other professionals.  It covers the federal and state requirements that a professional that suspects a delay or a disability has two days to make a referral to ECI.
Public Awareness and Child Find Activities believed to be most effective
  • Face to face contacts and one to one meetings with referral sources in rural areas is very important.
Concerns regarding finding more children
  • Funding is a concern.
Resources received from the State
  • Texas Early Childhood Intervention Policy and Procedure Manual

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