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Large Print Documents

Large print format meets the following criteria:

Use letter orientation, unless a visual element (graphic, table, chart, etc.) requires landscape orientation to achieve maximum visibility. Use landscape orientation only for that element and return to letter orientation for ensuing text.

Set one-inch margins on all sides.

Place page numbers in the lower right corner of the page.

Left-justify all text, titles, headers, footers, information in tables, etc. Keep a Aragged@ right edge. Do not use columns.

Separate paragraphs with an extra blank line. Do not indent the first word of a paragraph.

Keep lines of text no longer than 6 inches (if margins are set correctly, this happens automatically).

Use 18 point bold font (18 point bold) for body text, footers, page numbers, references, disclaimers, labels on charts and graphs, etc. A larger font may be used for headings and titles. Individual users may request larger fonts as an accommodation.

Use a bold non-serif font (such as Ariel) for body text and a bold serif font (such as Times New Roman ) for headings and other information that is set apart from body text. Do not use any compressed fonts. Make lines in charts and graphs heavy or thick.

Double space lines.

Convert small caps (SMALL CAPS) or all caps (ALL CAPS) to conventional upper and lower case. Replace italics with underlining for emphasis.

Delete bullets and replace them with numerals. Delete any decorative graphics that don't contribute to meaning. Cut out any boxed text, paste it into it's appropriate location and delete the box.

If a necessary graphic element cannot be sufficiently enlarged, work with the documents author to compose a verbal description of the information the element conveys. Insert this description immediately following the element.

Revise tables of contents to reflect the change in page numbers. Chapter titles are left-justified and followed by dot leaders. Page numbers are at the lower right corner of the page.

Print the document single-sided on 8.5" by 11" pale yellow or buff non-glossy paper (to reduce glare). Staple at the top left corner. Documents too think for stapling are three-hole punched and inserted into one or more three-ring binders. Each binder needs a large print cover page and spine title. If there are multiple binders, assign each a volume number and include a table of contents for each.