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Changes in SSI & SSDI for 2014

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you know that the amount you receive each year changes due to annual cost-of living increases. Below is a list of all the dollar figures that have changed for 2014. You should check each year for changes, not only because of cost-of-living increases, but because federal legislation may impact Social Security policy. Most, if not all, changes that occur in policy or procedure can be obtained from the Social Security website,, or from your local Social Security office or state Medicaid agency. Following are the 2014 federal benefit levels.

Description 2014 Figures
SSI Amounts for Selected SSI Living Situations
SSI-Federal Benefit Rate (FBR)
The Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) will be the same for all states and will increase yearly.

*If a state supplements the Federal Benefit Rate(FBR), there will be one or several other benefit amounts. Check yearly with your state Medicaid Agency.
Independent/Sharing FBR $721/mo.
Household of Another (1/3 reduction) $480.67/mo.
Couples FBR $1082/mo.
Couples, Household of Another $721.34/mo.
Medicaid Institution $30.00/mo.
Resource Limits and Premiums
SSI Resource Limits $2,000/Individual
Medicare Premium Cost/monthly (Note: those with higher incomes will pay more) $104.90/mo.
SSI Work Related Amounts
SSI Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) $1750/mo. up to $7060/year
SSDI Trial Work Period (TWP) gross earnings/mo. $770.00
SGA for Non-Blind (gross earnings/mo.) $1070.00
SGA for Blind (gross earnings/mo.) $1,800.00
SGA for Self-Employment (hours per month) 40 hours and/or $1070/mo.
Federal Poverty Level for one person (changes in April/May each year) $957.50/mo $11,490/year in 48 contiguous states & D.C.; $14,350/yr in Alaska;
$13,230/yr in Hawaii
Federal Poverty Rate for family of 4 $23,550/year in 48 contiguous states & D.C.
$29,440 - Alaska
$27,090 - Hawaii

Alphabet Soup—A Survival Portion

AC - Appeals Council
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
BWE - Blind Work Expense
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
DAC - Disabled Adult Child
DDS - Disability Determination Service
DHU - Disability Hearing Unit
DO - District Office
EPE - Extended Period of Eligibility
ESR - Employment Support Representative
FBR - Federal Benefit Rate
IRWE - Impairment Related Work Expense
OASDI - Old Age, Survivors, Disability Insurance (aka)
RSHDI - Retirement, Survivors, Health, and Disability Insurance (either OASDI or RSHDI may be used to indicate the Title II programs that include SSDI)
OHA - Office of Hearings and Appeals
OP - Overpayment
PASS - Plan for Achieving Self Support
PESS - Property Essential for Self Support
POMS - Program Operations Manual System
RMA - Retrospective Monthly Accounting
SEIE - Student Earned Income Exclusion
SGA - Substantial Gainful Activity
SSA - Social Security Administration
SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI - Supplemental Security Income
SSN - Social Security Number
TWWIIA - Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act
TWP - Trial Work Period
VR - Vocational Rehabilitation

To apply for Social Security benefits, contact your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213. The Social Security Administration has a large selection of informational brochures that explain benefits in detail. You may access this information through SSA’s website at

This Rural Factsheet was written by Marsha Katz
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