Designing Representational Portfolios
Planning Work Sheet

By Ellen Condon

Who is the student? (connect them to their community)

  • high school
  • sports teams
  • family connections
  • community activities they participate in
  • churches, volunteer activities..


What do you want to communicate about him or her? Specific pictures to include in the Portfolio:
What are the studentís contributions?

  • personality traits
  • skills
  • work behaviors

List studentís contributions:





What pictures do you want to include to communicate these contributions to employers?

What work experiences has the student had that you want to share?




List specific experiences and areas the student excelled in: What pictures will you want to include?

Are there supports which assist the student to perform the job?

  • picture checklists
  • piece of technology
  • color coded labels
  • coworker demonstrations of task



List the strategies that have worked in the past: What specific pictures do you want to include in the portfolio?

What job tasks is the student looking to perform?
(take information directly from the Profile)




List job tasks: What pictures are you going to include to demonstrate the studentís ability to perform these tasks?

Other areas to include: