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Employment Planning Meeting

After the information gathered during the Discovery process in captured and summarized in the Vocational Profile format, it is time to plan for employment. Whereas the Discovery and Profile processes answer the question, “Who is this person?”, the Employment Planning Meeting answers the question, “What will they do for work?”  The Planning Meeting is a structured group process which guides future job development activities. During the Planning Meeting, the information learned about the job seeker is compartmentalized into categories which become the customized guidelines or blue print for the job that will be sought or created.

The outcomes of the Planning Meeting will include:
• The terms of negotiation for a job which the individual needs to be successful,
• A summary of the person’s contributions which they can bring to an employer,
• A list of tasks that you know the individual can perform,
• And a prospecting list of specific employers in the person’s community whose business might: match the person’s conditions for employment, value the person’s contributions, and have a need for the tasks the person can perform.

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